Vincent Love flag

I have known Ben for approximately 3 years as we serve together on the Gifford Foundation Board. As a board member I have watched Ben express his genuine concern for all the residents of this community and a willingness to assist those who may need help. As the leader of a local mentoring organization, I was extremely pleased to see Ben support our efforts to help youth in this community, by his personal participation in a number of our activities. Not only did Ben participate but he involved his family as well. The fact that he is an independent and not beholden to any party, I see as a major benefit to having him in office as Mayor. His independence could help bridge the gap between the residents of this community and the leadership that has been entrusted to look out for their best interest.

Vincent B. Love is the President of 100 Black Men of Syracuse Inc. Mr. Love has lived in Syracuse for over 40 years and his passion for this city is evident, as he serves on the Board of Directors for the Gifford Foundation, Hillside WSC, the Vera House and the Center for Community Alternatives. He is the Treasurer of the North Syracuse Central School District and lives on the Eastside of Syracuse.