Ty Marshal flag

Since first meeting Ben Walsh, I have often gone to him for support and advice in working to advance the region's arts and cultural footprint. Whether I've been working on public or private art projects, Ben has always provided thoughtful, honest advice and assistance to see these projects come to fruition. Not only has he helped navigate through various municipal procedures and permit processes, but he has worked hands-on with artists and cultural organizers for as long as I have known him. He is one of the few "officials" I have seen attending art openings, or with a shovel in hand, ready to dig in.

From installing sculptures at Lipe Art Park's inaugural exhibit, to helping establish 40 Below's Public Art Task Force, and the city's Public Art Commission, to Re-Creating the Cardiff Giant, Ben has proven to be so much more than a vocal supporter of the arts. He has consistently been one of "us," who works directly on making the City of Syracuse and Central New York a vibrant and creative place to live. If you haven't had the opportunity to meet Ben, or to work with him directly, I encourage you to do so. Ben's passion for Syracuse, and for making our region a better place is infectious and unparalleled, and I look forward to the accomplishments he will undoubtedly achieve as Mayor.

Ty Marshal is the Executive Director of the Center for the Arts of Homer. He currently resides in Solvay, where he sits on the Board of Education for the Solvay Union Free school District. He spent two years as Artist in Residence/ Curator at The Tech Garden in Syracuse and was a Community Organizer/Curator at Lipe Art Park. Over the years, Ty has been involved with the following organizations and programs: Centerstate CEO Economic Champion (2012), CNY Political Leadership Institute, Syracuse, NY (2011), Co-Chair, Syracuse Public Art Task Force, Syracuse, NY (2005 - 2007).