Tim and Erica flag

We love our neighborhood in the city. We love that at any given moment there are kids playing or people walking their dogs. It has a real sense of community that we want our kids to grow up in. We are surrounded by beautiful parks and just a stone’s throw away from downtown.

With Ben as our next mayor, we expect to see continued growth not only downtown, but in the surrounding neighborhoods, as well. We are confident Ben has the experience and know how because he has already proven it. He worked on many of the success stories we see today during his time in City Hall. Ben is always there to take our call and hear us out if we have a question or concern about the city. Knowing Ben, this isn’t just because we are his friends, but because he truly cares. As mayor, we know Ben will do the same for everyone in the city. - Erica Daniels

I am fortunate to have a unique perspective when it comes to Ben and his pursuit of becoming mayor. Ben and I met in high school, went to college together and were roommates until he moved in with Lindsay. I grew up just outside the city and was always so impressed by how Ben could know so much at such a young age about the place we called home. Sure, I knew where Dinosaur was and could tell you where to get an ice cold, inexpensive draft beer (Steve's Restaurant), but I couldn’t tell you about the neighborhoods. The neighborhoods I had only heard about and never been to. Ben knew those places and knew them well. He knew them because that passion he speaks about so often during this campaign was there as long as I can remember. Long before he knew he would run for mayor. His passion for Syracuse isn’t just a soundbite or a slogan, it's real. This city can’t flourish once more from passion alone, so knowing Ben has the resume to back it up makes him the perfect fit in our opinion. - Tim

Tim O’Donnell and Erica Daniels have lived in the Strathmore neighborhood together for eight years. Erica, a teacher in the The Syracuse City School District, grew up in the Valley and attended Corcoran High School. Tim, who works in higher education, grew up just outside the city and has been a friend of Ben’s for over 20 years.