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I’ve lived in Eastwood for nearly 15 years, and previously lived in Sedgwick and on Tipp Hill. I also work downtown in Armory Square and I truly value the diverse setting.

The development that has happened downtown is remarkable, and is critical to a vibrant city center. But we cannot forget about our city neighborhoods.
In Syracuse, there’s a real need for hard and serious work to be done on critical issues like poverty. Ben Walsh is committed only - and specifically - to the people that he serves and he isn’t afraid to face an issue like poverty head on.

I support Ben Walsh because Ben is not only independent, but is also someone who has proved over the years that he is capable and willing to rise above politics and conflict to focus on the task at hand, convening the necessary parties and getting things done.

Ben played an active and instrumental role in moving the project forward to revive the Marriott Syracuse Downtown. On top of bringing in additional tax dollars, the Marriott has reached out into some of the poorest neighborhoods in our community to hire and train over 100 people who were under or unemployed. They are now thriving.
I support Ben Walsh because he is the only candidate who will truly and impartially fight for all the people of Syracuse.

Stephanie Crockett is a Senior VP and Managing Director at Eric Mower + Associates; she’s been with the company for over 13 years. Stephanie is also the President of the Landmark Theatre Board of Trustees and serves on the United Way of CNY board.