John Catanzarita flag

I first met Ben about three years ago when we was heading up economic development for the city and our business was preparing to move from outside the city into a renovated former industrial building in the Lakefront neighborhood. We reconnected more recently through a mutual friend who invited me to hear about Ben's campaign and his vision for the city. 

In short, what immediately struck me was that Ben was clearly a breath of very fresh air in today's political climate. If I’m honest, I don't really like politics and I've been very disappointed with those who regularly put party politics ahead of what's best for the community. As I’ve gotten to know Ben I have found him to be an effective communicator who always fights for what's right regardless politics. Ben and his lovely family are proud city residents and are fully invested in this community. Ben will be a tremendous leader for this city and make an immediate impact. 

John Catanzarita is Chief Operating Officer of OneGroup NY, Inc. He resides in Sedgwick and has lived in the city for 34 years.