Fanny Villarreal flag

When I met Ben he immediately struck me as an honest, passionate go-getter. These are qualities that make for a great Mayor. As the Executive Director of the Syracuse Industrial Development Agency, he used his passion, knowledge and experience on projects that helped strengthen local businesses and bring jobs to the community.

Ben doesn’t care for credit, often working behind the scenes. He doesn’t change who he is for different people. Ben is the same person no matter where or when you see him. He is honest and upfront about his passion for making the city a stronger, better place for everyone.

I encourage anyone who doesn’t know Ben to sit down with him for a cup of coffee; when you get to know him and hear his vision, you’ll say, “wow - he will be a great Mayor!"

Fanny Villarreal is the Executive Director of the YWCA. She is on the board of HomeHeadquarters Inc., the Elmcrest Children’s Center and is the founder and Chair of the Latino Festival. Fanny is a registered Republican and lives on the Westside of Syracuse.