Ernest Jones and Marla Byrnes flag

Ben and Lindsay moved in across the street from us eleven years ago. I sincerely believe Ben will be a shining example of inclusion, sensitive to the issues faced by all in Syracuse. One who will readily accept the duties, responsibilities, and many challenges the position requires with the zeal of a gifted organizer, the heart of one who genuinely cares, and the hope of a higher, sustained quality of life for all Syracuse residents.

My wife, Marla, and I truly love and appreciate the connection we share with the Walsh Family...grateful for the human presentation of “the brotherhood of man.” I do hope he gets the opportunity to share his uncompromising standards of character with the people of Syracuse as our next mayor. I do believe they will grow to appreciate him as much as we have, as both our friend and neighbor.

~ Ernest

Ben is a practical person, personable, and a patient listener with obvious excellent problem-solving skills. He’s a person who gets the job done!! He genuinely wants to “rise above” politics and focus on what’s best for Syracuse, and the people who live here.

Ben has the energy, the foresight, and the passion to lead Syracuse forward. His engaging persona is not only infectious, but also encouraging and motivating. He makes you want to “roll up your sleeves” and get involved.

Ben can break barriers. Houses are divided, friends estranged, jobs appointed and displaced, citizens marginalized...all in the name of party lines… WE want our elected officials to work for US! We expect them to work together! Ben has seen the divisions up close, and I sincerely believe this to be the motivating factor behind his candidacy. He wants to make government WORK for the people who live here, and I trust he has the ability to do so.

~ Marla

Ernest L. Jones & Marla Byrnes, RN – City of Syracuse residents for over 35 years. Marla retired as a Director of Nursing at Richard H. Hutchings Psychiatric Center, served on the Board of National Alliance on Mental Illness, is a member of Grace Episcopal Church and was recently appointed to the Governor’s Board of Visitors at Richard H. Hutchings Psychiatric Center. Ernest retired after 32 years of service as Staff Development Specialist, Education & Training from Richard H. Hutchings Psychiatric Center, and is a veteran of the Armed Services, US Army.