Alliance Network Endorses Independent Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh for Re-election flag


The Alliance Network, a multi-ethnic public issues advocacy group in Syracuse, announced its endorsement for independent Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh for re-election as mayor.  Mayor Walsh received the endorsement at an announcement event on Saturday, October 30 at the Fountain of Life Church on South Avenue on the city’s southwest side.

“Steady leadership throughout these unprecedented times has allowed him to distinguish himself from the other candidates. Walsh is a compassionate and introspective thinker, who has demonstrated a willingness to challenge antiquated processes and right historic wrongs,” said the Alliance Network in its endorsement. “Like many politicians, he campaigned on a platform of diversity and inclusion. During his time in City Hall, he has delivered on that promise, yielding an administration of highly-effective people who appropriately reflect the diversity in our neighborhoods.”

The Alliance Network was formed in 1996 by local community leaders, businesspeople, activists, and other concerned citizens. Its mission is to improve the quality of life in the Central New York community politically, socio-economically, educationally and spiritually.

“I’m honored to have the endorsement of the Alliance Network to continue as mayor of Syracuse.  I’m especially humbled by the group’s support for the work our team has done over the past four years and for its affirmation that we have delivered on our commitment to diversity and inclusion,” said Mayor Walsh. “I consider the announcement as inspiration to continue the work we have started and to fulfill our vision of Syracuse as a growing city that embraces diversity and creates opportunity for all.”

In its announcement, the Alliance Network praised the independent Mayor’s ability to collaborate and advance progress: “We finally have government agencies that work together. Mr. Walsh has demonstrated a commitment to living up to his campaign slogan: Rise Above. Despite differences in philosophy, he remains respectful and open to working with others from outside of his base and within County, State, and Federal leadership structures. As he has no political party affiliation, Ben Walsh works to find common ground, allowing him to remain focused on bringing diverse people together to address the problems faced by us all.”


  • Aarick Knighton
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